What is the Daily Routine of the Automated House

daily routine of a smart automated home listThe automated house revolves around the idea of a smart home. A smart home is programmed to do specific processes automatically by using computers. This includes locking or unlocking doors, turning lights on or off, arming or disarming alarms, playing music, etc. Doors are usually set up with electronic locks connected with sensors connected to a computer that will lock or unlock them based on the set routine. The lights are typically connected with light switches that can be controlled through sensors, allowing them to automatically turn on and off by themselves at certain times of the day. Sometimes smart homes also include voice-activated appliances, shower controls (for both temperature and water flow), security cameras, and other automated devices.

People use smart homes for a variety of reasons. Some people like the convenience of not manually doing things such as locking doors themselves, while others like not having to worry about setting alarms or remembering to turn off lights. Smart homes can also be used for energy-saving purposes, especially heating and cooling. Many people who live in cold climates will set their homes to warmer temperatures before they leave for work or school and when they return home. This prevents excessive heating or cooling throughout the day, which can lower electricity bills and be more energy-efficient.

What is the Daily Routine of the Automated House

The automated house has a daily routine. It starts with waking everyone up and finishes with ‘lights out’.

Wakes up Everyone in the House

The day starts with the alarm clock in the automated family home. The programmed alarm will sense when you get out of bed and turn itself off. But because it is automated, there is no snooze button.

Sets up Breakfast (if programmed)

The automated house automatically sets up the Breakfast is set up. The food is prepared using a programmed recipe, and the computer knows precisely when everyone wakes up.

Locks All Doors

The automated house is programmed to lock all of its doors at certain times during the day. This might be after you’re gone for work, school, or while you’re at work.

Lights on Time

The automated house has a schedule for when to turn lights on or off, including outside lights that are illuminated at night. This increases safety and security but also reduces energy costs.

Turns on music, read Messages from Family Members Computers, and turns on Lamps in some regions of the house

The triggered routine allows each family member to personalize what they want to happen by using their mobile device. By doing this, everyone has the same schedule, but no one has to worry about remembering it themselves or forgetting to do things.

Runs Cleaning Robot throughout the house

A cleaning robot is programmed to clean the home at a particular time when everyone is out of the house. This is done by using the location of everyone’s devices (which are on their schedule) to figure out when they left for work or school and automatically switch the robot on.

Sets household appliances to turn on or off at certain times throughout the day

After everyone has finished their food, the automated house sets all of its appliances to turn on or off at certain times. This includes turning on lights in different rooms when people go there and automatically adjusting heating and cooling, saving energy costs.

Sets up Lunch

The home has automatic lunch preparation, which is also programmed. The computer knows how long it takes for everyone to get back from their activities at school or work and switches the food on accordingly.

Sets up Dinner

Like lunch, the automated house has automatic dinner meal preparation. The computer knows how long it takes for everyone to eat and switches food on accordingly.

Turns on television

At designated periods throughout the day, the family uses their mobile devices to turn on the television and watch a program together as a family.

Turns off lights

The automated home turns off all of the lights in the house, saving energy costs.

Goes to sleep

Every family member goes to their respective rooms and turns on their devices to run personal programmed routines that are also automated through the house’s primary computer system. This includes turning on lamps and setting up alarm clocks for specific times throughout the morning.



The daily schedule of the automated house is very regimented and programmed, with different schedules for each family member. Each person’s routine is personalized through their mobile devices, but the primary computer system automatically sets up all routines in the house. The computer sets everything from when to turn on or off appliances throughout the day to what time each family member needs to get up. The robot is also a programmed part of the daily routine and cleans the house while everyone’s devices detect that they’re gone from home. This increases safety and security and saves energy costs by automatically adjusting appliances throughout the day. The entire house with an automated daily routine makes life easier for its people.

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