How to Set Up a Home Office

Image of Perfect Home OfficeThe home office has been a trendy work-from-home idea due to the coronavirus pandemic. Because of the pandemic, many people began to work in their own homes for them not to catch the coronavirus. Even big companies like Twitter has allowed their employees to work from home forever.

Setting up a home office can be easy. All you need is a computer, internet connection, printer and other peripherals like scanner, web camera, speakers and so on.

Choosing the Space

Home office can be set up in a small space like a corner of your room. It can be as small as 8 x 10 ft. Moreover, you need to measure the space that will be occupied by your desk and other office stuff like filing cabinets or bookcases. It is also important to consider the lighting of the space because it can affect your work quality and mood if they’re not enough.

Privacy is Important

Make sure your home office is noise-free and has a quiet environment. This will increase your work productivity because you will not be distracted by noises and other activities inside your home. You can also add sound-proofing items in your home office. It can be a thick rug, heavy curtains, solid doors and indoors and so forth.

Plan for Visitors

If you have clients who might want to visit your home office, you have to plan where to accommodate them. Remember that the home office shouldn’t be seen as a private zone but more in the business sphere. You have to place an area for visitors and another one for yourself.

Setting Up the Computer

Before setting up your computer, make sure to check all of its components like monitor, printer, scanner and speakers. Make sure if they are compatible with the other peripherals you have. If they are not compatible, ask assistance from computer stores because there will be many chances that you need to buy new ones.

Connecting Peripherals

After checking all of your computer’s components, make sure to put them together. The next step is connecting peripherals like printer, scanner, speakers and web camera to your computer. You can also connect your internet cable to the computer or in the modem-router for you not to experience connection problems when you are working online.

Lighting is Important

Your home office should provide enough lighting because it can affect your work quality and mood. It is recommended to have natural light to help you see your work things better. If there are no windows, use artificial lighting that provides enough brightness and color temperature.


If you’re going to set up a home office, it should be connected with other parts of your house like a television room or kitchen. If you’re using wired connectivity (e.g. Ethernet cable), it should be connected to the room where other parts of your house are located. Make sure that there’s no interference when you use a wireless connection so you can choose a password or frequency that is not commonly used in your neighborhood.

Choosing the Right Desk

You can choose any type of desk whether it is small or large. If you are working alone, a small-sized desk for one computer would be enough. But if there is another person who helps you with your work, then you need to have a large-sized desk that can fit two computers.

Choosing the Right Chair

Having the right chair is probably the most important stuff to your home office setup. You need to choose one that is stable and ergonomically designed for you to avoid back pains. Make sure that there’s enough space between your chair and the desk so you can move freely especially when you’re working on your computer.

Benefits of Home Office

There are many benefits to consider when setting up your home office. Home office will give you the sense of being in a professional environment so you can focus on doing what needs to be done efficiently. Other benefits include

  • It is a flexible workspace that provides comfort and privacy for you to do your work from wherever you are in the house.
  • You can work in a quiet, distraction-free environment
  • You can set your own schedule
  • It’s cost-effective because you don’t need to commute and pay other expenses like transportation and food

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