How to Measure Carpet

You have decided to get a new carpet for your living room. But these decisions can be difficult, especially if you have never done them before. What should you keep in mind? How many square meters of carpet do you need for your living room?

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Step by step for measuring carpet:

Step 1: Measure the size of room
Measure the length and width of the floor in your living room. For example, if you have a room that is 9 meters long and 10 meters wide, you will need 90 square meters of carpet for your living room. If there are more rooms, you will need to measure them as well before buying new carpeting.

Step 2: Space occupied by furniture, doorways, and other things in your room
Add a few centimeters to your measurements for doorways and movement space from wall to wall. You should also add about an extra meter of carpet at the bottom of each sidewall.

Step 3: Determine how much you need per square meter
If you have a 9-meter long room, you will need about 10 meters of carpet for each side. That is 110 square meters of carpet. You can check your measurements with the calculator on this page to see if they are correct. If not, redo them and try again.

Step 4: Check the pile height
The pile height is also important in calculating how much carpet you will need. Measure from the lowest part of your carpet to where it starts at its highest point. Then, divide this number by 100. This gives you the pile height in millimeters per meter squared, or mm/m². For example, if your pile height is 8mm and your room is 9 meters long, you will need about 785mm of carpet for each side.

Step 5: Add borders and other factors
Add a few inches to your borders and movement space measurements from wall to wall (about 10cm). Carpet should also be added to the bottom of each side wall (about 20cm) and an additional meter or so for installation purposes.

Remember that you can always give yourself a more significant margin of safety when working with your measurements, but the more accurate you are, the less carpet you will have to return.

There are many brands and styles of carpets on the market today, so it is important to know how to measure carpets correctly before making your purchase. If you don’t, you may end up with a carpet that is too small or too big for your room. To measure carpet correctly, start by figuring out the square meters of floor space in your room. Then, add about 10 percent to this measurement to account for installation errors and borders on all sides.

Purchasing carpet is a significant investment, but one that is worthwhile when you consider the comfort it will bring to your family. The decision should be well planned, and once bought, it should last a long time. By following the steps above, you can get all of the measurements needed for carpeting your living room with no problem at all.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many square feet is a 12×12 room?
A standard room with a flat ceiling is about 12ft by 12ft, making it 144 square feet of carpet space.

Is carpet sold by the foot or yard?
Carpet is sold in square yards. A square yard is equal to nine square feet of carpeting. An average living room requires about 4-5 square yards of carpet.

How much does carpet cost per square foot?
It depends on the quality and grade of the carpet you purchase, but an average amount would be $2-$8 per square foot of carpeting.

How often should carpet be replaced?
Carpet should be replaced every 6 to 7 years, but some higher quality carpets can last 10 to 15 years.

How often should the carpet be professionally cleaned?
According to the Carpet and Rug Institute, carpeting should be professionally vacuumed once a week for most home environments. Professional cleaning is required on average about twice per year, more often if you have pets or children.

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