What is the Most Important Furniture in Your House?

“I honestly don’t know. What is the most important furniture in your house?” said Stephanie Gonzalez, junior Spanish major at UVM.

“My bed! I personally consider it one of my biggest needs when it comes to furniture,” said Monica William (Web Developer).

“I think it’s a tie between my bed and living room furniture,” said Carina Hall (Walmart Executive).

The answer to this question really depends on what type of person you are. Some people, like senior Kate Cramer (Nutrition) sleep better when they have a certain type of bed or mattress. She believes her most important furniture is her bed and the mattress that goes with it: “It has memory foam and I need to have it!”

Although beds are probably one of the most popular choices for your most important furniture, the truth is, there are many other options.

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For many, sofa is the number one furniture for their home. It can be used for seating, but it is even more useful as a place to eat or do homework. Sofas are important pieces of furniture because they can easily accommodate many different functions. For example, they can be used as the most comfortable seat in the house, but they can also act as a dinner table or work station depending on what you need.

Dining Table

Another popular choice for most important furniture is a dining table. Many people choose to eat at the dinner table because it offers them an opportunity to spend time with their family and enjoy a meal together.


Bed is the most important furniture of your home. It can be used for multi purpose including rest, eating, reading and so forth. In the bedroom, a comfortable bed can help you have a deep sleep. It makes your life more convenient and healthier!

End Table

An end table is another common place where you can store your personal belongings in a living room or family room. You could put a lamp next to it so that you will have light in the area when it is dark. You can put your keys or wallet on it, for example.

Computer Desk

You want to have a computer desk in your office. It can be used for both work and study. A table is better than the floor, which will make you feel tired after hours of working or studying there.


A wardrobe can be used for keeping your clothes. It is especially important if you have many clothes. You may need to change them before going to work or school. A hanger can hold your dress well, and a desk will allow you to organize the hangers correctly.


A chair is not only useful in the living room, but it can be placed in your office or bedroom to help you have a rest when you are tired.

Furniture plays an important role in your home decoration. Your choice should depend on your needs and what do you need for a comfortable life. For some people, their choice is a bed or sofa. For some other people, they have different choices. What do you think?

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